Advantages of the TexNov acrylic coating solution

TexNov’s acrylic coatings restore beauty and value to residential or commercial & industrial structures easily, quickly and cheaply (it costs four and a half times cheaper to renovate with TexNov than aluminium). TexNov beautifies, renovates and increases the value of your property instantly

Easily applied
Simply with a roller or paint brush
Wash equipment with water

Highly resistant
TexNov coverings are not affected by:
• temperature variations, traditional salt and calcium
• UV rays
• abrasion and shocks

Soil covered with TexNov coatings are much safer

Excellent durability
Much more durable than paint

The vapour permeability of TexNov allows surfaces to breathe. In particular, the walls of rooms of indoor pools, spas,  whirl-pools (most paint does not breath and can cause bloating and shelling)

TexNov easily lasts two or three times longer; it eliminates the chore of scraping, sanding and painting regularly.


Vast choice of 96 colours

  • TexNov products are premixed, eliminating any uncertainty or risk of errors
  • They are ready-to-use and save time
  • They will last for about three years

Easily maintained
Simply wash with a jet of water at low pressure to restore shine to the TexNov coating. For a thorough cleaning, use the appropriate product.

TexNov much more than just paint
The acrylic resin which enters into the composition of  TexNov products gives them several advantages:

  • polymer resin-based  (which are binders) acrylic gives them certain flexibility to the coatings
  • excellent adhesiveness
  • better adhesion in damp atmosphere
  • excellent resistance to scaling, blistering
  • resistance to alkaline products
  • easy-to-apply
  • water-based (easily maintained with brushes)
  • fast-drying
  • has virtually no odour


General application in 4 easy steps

TexNov products can be used independently of each other... For more details, consult the application to various surfaces data sheet to see the many possibilities.





To ensure quality results, it is important to prepare your surface properly. Acrylic adheres more to a clean surface and will last longer.

Before applying the acrylic coating, it is important that the surface does not have any factures.

  Apply the acrylic coating following a thorough cleaning.

A protective sealant is recommended for a wide variety of surfaces.  It helps general maintenance and the durability of your surface.

nettoyeur de surfaces

Concrete Conditioner TexNov

Préparateur de surface

Surface Cleaner TexNov

Polymère tout usage

Multi-Use Polymer TexNov

Enduit Acrylique

Acrylic Coating

Scellant Met-30


Scellant WRS-40


Scellant Met-HD



Replacement of "Aluminum Facing" VS "TexNov Coating"

It is more than four and-a-half times more expensive to renovate with aluminum than with TexNov

1,600 square-foot home surface

Aluminum Facing
Removal of facing:
35hr. @ $15/hr. $525
New aluminum facing:

$3 per sq. ft.

90hr. @ $15/hr. $1,350
  Total: $6,675
TexNov Coating
Metal cleaning:
5hr. @ $15/hr. $75
Biodegradable surface prepper:
2 gallons $80
Two applications of TexNov:
35hr. @ $15/hr. $525
  Total : $1,480
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