Beautify and embellish your building

Outdoors and indoors with our architectural mouldings

We offer a wide selection of mouldings and columns to highlight your building. We have standard trim in stock right through to cut to customized mouldings adapted to the design of your building. All combinations are possible.

bandes coins ogees fenetres colonnes

Outside walls

The Stef solution enables you to enhance the appearance of any building easily by adding 3D decorative components in polystyrene cut to measure by Stef computerized equipment such as: mouldings, ledges, edges, window sills, columns... Once covered with Stef acrylic polymer coatings available in a multitude of colours, these decorative pieces greatly improve the aesthetic and monetary value of the building.

Inside walls

To add beauty, atmosphere and value to each room, just add mouldings ceiling, framing, window framing, columns, false fireplace mantels... Polystyrene cut on measure by Stef computerized equipment. Once covered with polymer Stef acrylic coating, these decorative improvements instantly transform the room and give it a custom charm and aesthetic richness.