Texnov coated non-slip and extremely resistant acrylic

TexNov Surface Cleaner
Cleaner ___ Extremely effective biodegradable commercial cleaner; it’s an excellent degreaser; it can also rejuvenate graying wood.
TexNov Concrete Conditioner
Cleaner ___ Water-based acid conditioner used to prepare a concrete surface, etc... Before the application of a coating or as a cleaner general.
TexNov Multi-use Polymer
Base Coating ___ Covers and holds fiberglass meshes, levelling and repair coats to receive the finish and the adhesive coating (glue tile or stone on concrete).
PREMIUM - TexNov 200
Base Coating ___ Adhesive, coating and surface protection coating for concrete repair as well as covering and retaining fiberglass meshes.
PREMIUM Texnov 200 LT
PREMIUM Texnov 200 PRX
TexGrout 292
TexNov Acrylic Coating
Finish Coating ___ Acrylic coating finish for walls, floors, concrete structure, staircases, galleries and more... for outdoor and indoor use. Texture choice of fine grain or regular.
PREMIUM - TexNov Rus-Tex
Finish coating ___ Acrylic coating finish for floor and wall. For outside and inside use. Asymmetric grain texture with undulations.
PREMIUM - TexNov Sand-Tex
Finish coating ___ High performance acrylic coating floor finish (ideal for garage) and wall. For outside and inside use. Fine round grain texture.
Texnov Acrylico Fino
GelNov Chroma
TexNov MET-30 sealant coating
Sealant Coating ___ Water-based acrylic sealant designed to protect and seal in an optimal way. Strength, durability, waterproofing and wear resistant.
TevNov MET-HD sealant coating
Sealant coating ___ Solvent-based acrylic sealant to protect optimally (ideal for garage floor). Strength, durability, waterproofing and wear resistant.
TexNov Hydrofuge WRS-40 sealant
Sealant coating ___ High performance water-based sealant to protect a variety of substrates. Penetrates deeply into surfaces to provide a strong bond.
GelNov Ultra
Substrates application
SUBSTRATES PREPARATION: Preparation & application procedure sur 16 differents substrates.