Picture gallery of some achivements

here is some examples of achivements

  • French corner mouldings

  • Singapore Gardens on the Bay

    Achievement of sustainable energy efficiency is a testament to the continued effectiveness of the "green" PENETRON system and its crystalline-based waterproof technology.

  • Outside entrance of the Auberge Harris

    Customized mouldings and columns

  • Styled building with recesses

  • Dynamic veterinary center

    Play with several colours and shapes for a unique and dynamic style.

  • Outside of shopping center with an imposing facade

  • Outdoor shopping center customized for each trade

  • Recovering with block effects

  • Large surface waterproofing

  • Pretty house with Parisian shutters

  • Garage entrance

  • House entirely in acrylic

  • Window French corners and mouldings

  • Prestige house with mixture of acrylic and stone

  • Harmonious house design

  • House with decorative acrylic elements

  • Customized ornaments and columns

  • Acrylic house with mouldings

  • Commercial building "before"

  • Commercial building "after"

  • Garage facade "before"

  • Garage facade "after"

    Repair of a masonry wall with an acrylic coating system on STEF insulation, as well as custom mouldings.

  • Lobby of the Auberge Harris

    Repairs to the outside walls of the building with the STEF acrylic coating STEF.  Impermea system.

  • Wall recess

  • Modern building style

  • Half-timbered Alsatian house

  • Résidences Soleil "Manoir du Musée" in Sherbrooke

  • Large building

  • House with coating

  • Service department facade

  • Insulation garage facade

  • Garage facade base coat

  • Outside of shopping center with same style

  • House with balconies

  • Townhouse

  • House covered with acrylic and stone

  • Mercedes Benz dealership

  • Convention center: building and sign

  • School: recovered with acrylic and brick

  • Pretty modern-style house

  • Mini-castle: acrylic, ideal for special shapes

  • Residence with imposing colour mouldings

  • Residence Marriott

  • Entranceway to the residence

  • Granex recovering of a balcony