STEFNOV installation systems


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green plus

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premium drainscreen 

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Imperméa installation video

Here's an installation video of the imperméa waterproofing system to assist you in the applying of our products and having a superb result!
(French video only)

application du système imperméa

Installation in 4 easy steps

Insulation and aesthetic covering solution. STEF Coating inc. acrylic polymer coating is applied on expanded polystyrene panels to quickly and easily improve the thermal value of the building, its soundproofing as well as its appearance. This provides an extra barrier against air, moisture and weather.

Step 1: Preparation

This ensures that the substrate (wood, gypsum or cement panels) is well installed on the structure of the building, in compliance with Stef standards.



Step 2: Insulation

Expanded polystyrene insulating panels are put into place using mechanical anchorages and adhesive of the base. The thickness of the panel will vary depending on the thermal needs of the building.



Step 3: Reinforcement

A fiberglass mesh frame is glued using Stef base adhesive onto the surface of the insulation panels. The aim is to increase the strength and endurance of the system for impact.



Step 4: Finishing

The Stef finished coat is laid on the surface using a trowel. This grout mixture will give a unique style and appearance to your building.

Example of insulation on formwork


Insulation on formwork

Base and mesh coat

avant pandant apres

Installing mouldings

Finish coat with trowel


avant avant apres