Picture gallery of some achivements

here is some examples of achivements

  • Customized ’’Window Head’’ mouldings

  • Outdoor pool

    Outside pool of the Sheraton Hotel in Puerto Rico.

  • Underground way

  • Marina dock

  • Sky-scraper

    Marina Bay Financial Center is a sky-scraper complex in Singapore.

  • Waterproofing work

  • Sewers

  • Advertising banner trim

    Customized advertising moulding for "Expo Habitat"

  • Uniquely styled house

    House with several STEF custom mouldings STEF mouldings

  • Border mouldings and window head mouldings

  • Stylish entrance door

  • Customized mouldings, prestige style

    Borders of window, wall corners, as well as a unique water fountain.

  • Stylized house under construction

  • Stylish home address

  • Solarium with ceiling mouldings and windows

  • Fireplace mantel before applying the paint

  • Theatre decor

  • Sign blended with the building

  • Quality sign

  • Glass ceiling mouldings

  • Veranda with columns and bars

  • Red house, completely STEF

    Walls, window borders, entrance columns, foundation, mouldings, stairs...